Hey there, cheers for stopping by. 

Originally from Dublin, I now reside in Melbourne. Photography is an essential element of graphic design so it made sense to explore photography as part as my design education. Shooting my own images for design projects led me to study photography. 

I've been surrounded by music pretty much all my life as my parents owned a successful music venue in Dublin. Friends are in bands and friends manage bands so I am lucky to have the opportunity to shoot for them. I play the Drums and recently started playing the Bodhrán.

Natural light photography and capturing live music, people and the weird and wonderful things when traveling are subjects I like to explore. I love the power of the still image, the emotions that can be felt or the feeling one can get from a landscape, an artist in the zone or a fascinating face that tells a story. We see more when travelling with a camera, we tend to investigate more, explore more and meet interesting people who become friends and share their rooftop and their stories. 

“The pictures are there, and you just take them”  - Robert Capa.